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Standardized Casino, Video Poker and Gaming Signs at Very Low Discount Prices

Accredited has the lowest prices on Video Poker and Casino Signs because we have standardized on 16 Inch High 3 Dimensional Signs Internally Illuminated in 7 Different Fonts to Read: "VIDEO POKER", "GAMING", "CASINO", "SLOTS" and "ATM". Because these signs are all standardized at 16 inches high, we can mass produce them at very cheap prices for the video poker owner. Standardized signs come in a 7 font styles and 14 different colors. Signs are ALL UPPERCASE unless you specify otherwise. Print out the Order Form to determine the price.

Video Poker Front Lit Sign VIDEO POKER - CASINO - GAMING - SLOTS - ATM

Front lit aluminum LED internal illumination
16 inch high channel letter signs

  1. Choose from 7 different standard font styles
  2. Choose from 14 colors for the face
  3. Choose from 22 colors for the sides
  4. 16" high 3 dimensional channel letters
  5. 5" prefinished aluminum returns (sides)
  6. Flush mount with all necessary hardware
  7. Aluminum backs
  8. Acrylic faces
  9. 1" Trim cap
  10. LED illumination
  11. U.L. Listed

Choose a Font. All signs are 16 inches high. Widths vary from 6 feet to 15 feet:

Arial Bold

Arial Black

Bank Gothic

Play Bill

Formal Script

Cooper Black

Times New Roman

Choose a color. Red 2283, Blue 2051, Green 2108 and Yellow 2016 are standard if you do not specify a number:

Then fill out the Order Form. In the Comments section specify your color choice for the sides (the 5 inch thick return). Bronze is standard if you do not specify a color: Black, Bright Green, Bronze, Brown, Burgundy, Chevron Blue, Dark Gray, Forest Green, Heron Blue, Ivory, Light Gray, Light Purple, Matte Black, Mill Finish, Mocha Tan, Orange, Pepsi Blue, Red, Silver Metallic, White, Yellow. (These colors are not pictured.)

Quality Construction with Very Low Prices

These Front Lit Channel Letters signs emit illumination from the front (or face) of the letters. They have acrylic faces and are flush mounted. They use internal LED illumination. We produce this standard letter type 16 inches high in 7 different fonts and 10 different color combinations. You get factory-direct prices because your signs are shipped to you directly from the factory.

Easy to Install

When you order your signs yourself, get your own permit, and install your signs yourself, you get wholesale pricing. Signs are drop shipped to you ready to install with a template, instructions and all necessary hardware. Your signs can easily be installed by yourself or a licensed electrician. We can provide you with specifications and/or illustrations if necessary for permits. Print out the Order Form and fax or mail it in.

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